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 Faith Chevalier

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PostSubject: Faith Chevalier   Faith Chevalier EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 5:22 pm

My name is Faith Chevalier. I truly was a Knight of my father's court. My father is Baron Samedi, god of the dead in the grand Loa pantheon. I fought in his name for many years, grew in power and rank... Became a demi-god. I had several VooDoo Mavens as followers. They helped me with my practice and my powers, until the day came as I knew it must.

My band and I were traveling through through the Bayou near New Orleans. They came upon us quickly and with great stealth, about 8 Fenrir that had clearly devoured other Scion hearts prior to our encounter. The battle was wild and bloody. Several of my band fell. The wolves fell as well. As the last Fenrir attacked me I yelled at the rest of my band to run. I ordered them to leave me. I killed the final Fenrir, as it ripped my throat open. I could feel the cold grip of my father as he lifted me from my place on the ground. I looked down to see my body laying limp in the shallow water. And simply got into the boat my father had. we moved to the crossroads and on to the island.

Now, I, and my followers, are here to aid one of my half siblings. She has great potential and I will see her meet it with strength and passion. Andria, you are not alone. Your family is here.

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Faith Chevalier
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