Darkness is rising and the Titans are at hand. Who can fight off their spawn and save the modern world?
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 Xirena - Charonte

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PostSubject: Xirena - Charonte   Xirena - Charonte EmptySun Jan 16, 2011 1:35 pm

She is a beautiful blond woman with a perky personality 99% of the time. She loves to wear leather, and usually a lot of white to blend with her Akri "Edward Newgate"

When battles starts however, she transforms to her true demon self. Large with clawed feet and hands, huge bat-like wings, fangs, and medium sized black horns. Her skin is red and has veins of black running through it like marble. She has black lips and eyes that burn like the fires of hell. Quite a fearsome sight to behold.

Her loyalty lies in one place. In Akri. She will live and die for him, and none other. Much to his dismay.

Quote: "I can resist anything, except temptation"

((Once again, Thank you Sherrilyn Kenyon for the original creation of this character))

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Xirena - Charonte
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